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Solution Sheet:
Pyxis VoIP Fax Machine


Fax on VoIP - Without a Landline or Traditional Fax Modem

The ClarityTel Pyxis fax solution is the only way to maximize your confidence in a landline fax replacement that greatly improves send and receive capabilities over VoIP. 

Cost-Effective-2 Reduce Costs
Eliminate cartridge and paper expenses.

clock-aboutImprove Transmission Success
Reduce failures from packet loss.

crosshair-aboutIncrease Flexibility
Send faxes from anywhere in the world.

The ClarityTel Pyxis device allows you to send and receive encrypted information. Businesses can connect Pyxis anywhere that’s convenient on your network to enable fast, reliable faxing with VoIP. The Pyxis acts as a mini fax server that can handle anywhere from 6 to 10 fax numbers, eliminating the need for traditional dedicated fax lines. This allows you to send faxes from anywhere in the world and receive multiple incoming faxes at one time online or via traditional fax machines. 

Business Benefits of Pyxis Fax: 

  • Lower costs by eliminating traditional telephone lines dedicated for fax transmissions. 
  • Fewer failed transmissions from packet loss and jitter, which is especially beneficial for users that send and receive larger documents. 
  • Increased flexibility to send faxes from anywhere in the world and receive multiple incoming faxes at one time. 

ClarityTel Pyxis is not just another store & forward fax appliance. Although store and forward utilizing T.37 is the only way to ensure proper fax transmissions, but the ClarityTel Pyxis also simplifies NAT, network congestion, improves QOS and a whole lot more. 


Download the Pyxis Solution Sheet to see how you can improve KPIs with VoIP fax.